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Manufacturer: Opiox Pharma
Substance: Boldenone Undecylenate
Pack: 2 ml amp (100 mg/ml)

Boldenone is known as Equipose in this market. Its active substance is Boldenone undecyclenate. In the steroid world it is very famous and it is a steroid that can be used legally at a veterinarian clinic. Because Boldenone is a mild and also high anabolic androgenic steroid, its combination with other steroids is simple, for example it can be stacked with Testsoterone for adding muscle mass. Also you can think Winstrol for a cutting cycle. Boldenone also increase protein synthesis in the muscle cells.

Yuo can meet Boldenone with the name of Ganabol, Equigan and Ultragan in the this market. They are its oher brand names. The purpose of use of this product is muscle encreasing continuously, slower and slower. Boldenone is very useful in improving muscle mass because there is not very much the risk of water retention. Its results occur slowly but much more high quality in muscles is obtained.

You can use Equipose in your bulking and dieting cycles due to its strong anabolic and androgenic effects. This product provides also increasing nitrogen retention, protein synthesis, increasing and stimulating the release of erythropoietin in the kidneys. Boldenone stays very active in the body for a long time according to testosterones. This is a bad choice if it is made a drug test. It is considered that Boldenone is a suitable drug for precontest because the risk of aromitization and water retention is very low. While you are working out, it provides a perfect increase in the pumps you obtain. In the red blood cells will be seen an increase.

Among the combinations with Boldenone, there are Deca and Testo Enanthate. If you want to attain good results in vascularity, you must apply a cycle for 15 weeks. Deca has much more negative effects, but Boldenone has not. Even Boldenone and Testosterone eliminate side effects of Deca. In this cycle Deca must be taken for 12 weeks.

In this cycle your dosages must be like this:

1-12 weeks 300mg Boldenone weekly

1-12 weeks 200 mg Deca weekly

1-15 weeks 250 mg Testo Enanthate weekly

For post cycle therapy product you must use Clomid (Clomiphene) and also 3lt water is consumed due to occuring toxic in the body.


High blood pressure, fatigue, gynecomastia at high doses, acne, hair loss, mood changes- aggression, paranoia, depression, water retention, swelling, edema, testicular atrophy, possible liver cancer, oily skin.

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